Transport Hosike Oy Ltd strives to continuously develop the quality of its operations. Quality is a matter of pride for our company. With quality management we aim for the continuous maintaining and improving of processes and performance whilst taking our stakeholders' requirements into consideration. We provide service features that are in line with our customers’ expectations and needs.

Transport and warehousing services are always carried out within the agreed timeframe, at the contractual price and in the agreed manner taking the quality criteria into account. Our goal is a comprehensive, efficient, economical, profitable and flexible way of working. The whole of Transport Hosike Oy Ltd's staff is committed to improving the services provided by the company in accordance with the mission statements, plans and quality objectives defined in the strategy.

The documentation of quality files, document management and reporting is important so that we are able to prove to third parties and ourselves the status of the quality control function within the company. Our company uses a quality manual, which is prepared in accordance with the SFS- EN ISO 9001 "Quality Management System. Requirements". This way we commit to the continuous development of our operations and make sure that the whole organization is operating in accordance with the quality standards required.

Environmental responsibility is taken into account in the planning of Transport Hosike Oy Ltd’s operation and strategy development. The environmental program has been developed in our company in accordance with the requirements of the world's best-known environmental standard ISO 14001. This helps our organization to improve its environmental performance and to demonstrate good environmental management.

Our company has a low-emission and economical transportation equipment at its use, the condition and maintenance needs of which are constantly monitored. With the help of our versatile vehicle tracking and ERP tools we are able to ensure our drivers’ economical driving behaviour. From the reports available from the vehicles we are able to closely monitor for example fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide).